Pregnancy Project

by Jennifer Parsons

In this project I learned about taking care of my baby more and helping other parents learn more about their kids and the different nutrients and the cost of different things that a child or baby might need. I did this project to get more experience before I have my own baby, and to graduate from high school. It is my senior project at EdVisions Off Campus. www.lovethisschool.org

I liked this project because I love to be with babies and learn more about them and their personality. The reason I want to do a website for parents is so that way they can be more prepared for the baby they have. Or if they decide to have another baby it might help them out with the second child, things that they may not have known when they had the first one.

Some topics I learned about are: embryo and fetus development, baby care (feeding, diseases, sleeping, sign language, etc.), government programs (WIC, insurance, caring pregnancy center), support for parents (government, social agencies in MN, websites), money and equipment for the baby (making spreadsheets of expenses), and ages and stages of child development (starting with ages up to one year).